LED scoreboard for the stadium from the LED Lion Group

We produce models for small halls and large stadiums, they are made of impact-resistant plastic, resistant to ultraviolet radiation, high humidity and low temperatures. If you want to replace an old scoreboard or simply equip a hall / stadium – order our electronic scoreboard with software at a fair price! We work with delivery all over Ukraine!

Universal sports scoreboards from the manufacturer LED Lion Group are an ideal solution for indoor halls and stadiums.

All LED displays for stadiums are universal. They can be used for various competitions, competitions: athletics starts, hockey, football, and so on. Such LED screens are intended for broadcasting up-to-date video content: the course of the game, commercials, broadcasts from video cameras, referee information, etc.

By deciding to buy an electronic sports scoreboard from us, you will take a serious step towards the high-quality organization of sports events. After all, we are talking about multifunctional electronic devices that have many advantages.

Our LED screens designed for organizing and holding sports events have the following advantages:

  • They reproduce any content: video files, photographs, graphic information. This is possible due to the presence of a seamless image.
  • The scoreboards are customizable for any competition, adapt to displaying content from any media. The software in the devices is multifunctional.
  • Our equipment has no pixel pitch restrictions, which allows you to enjoy high-quality broadcasting of even small graphics. You can always ensure high resolution.
  • The electronic scoreboard can be installed anywhere in the stadium, sports hall. The installation cost is low.


You can learn about other features and advantages of the led screens we offer from the competent employees of the LED Lion Group. Contact us at any convenient moment.

If you do not know what to buy sports scoreboards, do not worry, our staff will help with the solution of this issue. The LED Lion Group employs real professionals.

Indoor sports scoreboard is mainly wall-mounted. Such screens are serviced from the front surface. The most popular are interior sports scoreboards with pixel pitch from p3 to p5. They feature high image resolution even with relatively small screen sizes. Pictures are perfectly read from a distance of 2.25 – 3.75 m.

The outdoor sports scoreboard is usually installed on a free-standing structure. They are ordered for stadium decoration: broadcasting matches, the course of the game, advertising information. Large LED screens are perfect for these purposes: from 5×2 m and more. We recommend buying sports scoreboards with pixel pitch from p6 to p10. This will allow viewers to enjoy high-quality images from a distance of 4.5 meters or more.

Примеры LED табло для стадиона от компании LED Lion Group

LED Видеоборд (Билборд) для стадиона СПАРТАК в городе Кривой Рог

LED табло для стадионов от компании LED Lion Group
LED табло для спортзалов
Табло для стадионов от компании LED Lion Group