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Manufacturing and installation of LED LED screens of any complexity. We are engaged in the manufacture, configuration, installation and service of LED screens for outdoor and indoor advertising. We know exactly how to make your business brighter and more attractive!

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LED Tricker

“LED Tricker” is an electronic device (scoreboard) designed to display a large amount of text and graphic information that “runs” horizontally, moving from right to left. In addition to news or advertising information, the display often displays air temperature, humidity, etc.

Full color screens

The full color LED screen is an excellent solution for broadcasting video or images in outdoor conditions and in bright sunlight. We offer you the latest features to reproduce vivid color and release performance in all conditions.

Indoor LED screens

Indoor LED display is an effective advertising and informational LED carrier. In LED Lion Group you can buy indoor video screens, order indoor LED screens according to individual parameters. We make installation, connection of indoor LED screens.

LED screens for outdoor use

Outdoor LED screen is manufactured by LED Lion Group on the basis of world standards, using components (controllers, LEDs, control systems) of brands – leaders in the LED industry. Outdoor screens are assembled from modules, power supplies, receiving cards, shockproof cases.

Рекламная LED медиастойка

Advertising LED media stands

Advertising LED media rack is a novelty in the world of LED screens. Such a panel is designed to inform the visitors of the mall about goods and services, promotions and sweepstakes. It looks like an advertising stand, can be placed in any part of the trading floor and broadcast advertisements of a different nature – from burgers to bed linen or cosmetics.

Табло обмен валют

Currency exchange board

Electronic scoreboard for currency exchange is an integral part of the equipment of any modern bank. It is intended to display the current exchange rate. The main advantages of such displays: simplicity and ease of changing information, colorful and bright design, efficiency and durability of LEDs.

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Media facade

A media façade is a flexible and dynamic LED video screen that is usually installed on the outer surface of a building. With its help, several goals are achieved at once: broadcasting outdoor electronic advertising, design lighting of a building, attracting the attention of customers, tourists, buyers.

LED scoreboards for stadiums

We produce models for small halls and large stadiums, they are made of impact-resistant plastic, resistant to ultraviolet radiation, high humidity and low temperatures. The electronic scoreboard can be installed anywhere in the stadium, sports hall. Order a new LED board from LED Lion Group!

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LED video board

Video board is the latest development in the field of LED screens. LED video board is a LED screen installed on through streets or in the immediate vicinity of busy highways.

LED board for gas station stele

A modern gas station cannot do without information devices, which include electronic displays and other information devices based on LED technology. The use of this equipment has long become a standard.

Проектирования LED экранов от компании LED Lion Group

Screen design

The LED Lion Group company provides services for the design of LED structures of any complexity. Design is an important task, because the safety and service life of a media facade or video screen depends on the accuracy of the calculations.