Placard for gas stations from LED Lion Group

A modern stele, in addition to having a more attractive appearance, is both more convenient in operation and much more economical in terms of energy consumption.

Price displays are made with output LEDs, control is carried out using a remote control or from a computer.

LED табло для АЗС

A modern gas station cannot do without information devices, which include electronic displays and other information devices based on LED technology. The use of these units has long been the standard. LED Lion Group is a manufacturer of all types of LED products. We offer you electronic displays for gas stations and other information and advertising devices based on LEDs at the most affordable prices.

At your request, the electronic board for the gas station can be additionally equipped with a creeping line, a thermometer or a clock. The electronic board can be manufactured both to order for the projected construction object, and as a replacement for outdated devices during the reconstruction of an existing gas station. The use of new lighting solutions will allow you to get real money savings.

To further attract customers, our light boards can have various visual effects. LEDs are not only a reliable but also a very economical light source. Compared to older lighting systems, their energy consumption is significantly lower.

For the production of price displays for gas stations, we use only the most reliable materials. In order for an LED device to endure well the effects of unfavorable natural factors all year round, the material for its manufacture must be sun- and moisture-resistant, not deteriorating under the influence of frost. LEDs, which are used for devices of this kind, tolerate adverse temperatures well, and their service life reaches one hundred thousand hours. Once installed, products based on LEDs can faithfully serve you for many years.

Setting up information on the electronic scoreboard will not take much of your time. All information can be promptly updated in just a couple of minutes using a personal computer or a special remote control. The system also provides the ability to adjust the brightness of the text and the internal illumination of the stele.

Here you can buy not only an information board for gas stations, we offer a wide range of different lighting, advertising and information products based on LEDs. The high level of training of our employees and modern production equipment are a guarantee of the high quality of our products. Our experts are happy to answer all your questions and develop the most suitable lighting solution for your business.