LED screens for the street from the company LED Lion Group

The most widespread type of LED advertising is LED screens for outdoor placement. This type of carrier is perfect for both facade. Outdoor LED screens attract attention well and allow you to quickly convey simple messages to a potential audience. At the same time, you can choose any size of the LED display for outdoor placement, which makes it an ideal substitute for a conventional lightbox. Outdoor LED screens are an affordable solution to grab your customer’s attention.

Outdoor (outdoor) LED screens are designed for outdoor use. They have additional protection against adverse environmental influences (dust, moisture, temperature fluctuations) and are more resistant to mechanical stress.

Therefore, external LED screens can be successfully used as outdoor advertising media, both free-standing and installed on facades or structures of buildings and structures.

As a rule, compared to indoor outdoor LED screens, they are characterized by:

  • impressive size;
  • increased level of protection (IP67)
  • large pixel pitch;
  • increased brightness for high-quality display of content on a sunny day;
  • wide viewing angle;
  • the possibility of on-line monitoring of systems;
  • some design features of the frame for drainage of rainwater and protection against corrosion.

Outdoor LED screens are reaching a new level and take on unusual, non-standard solutions and shapes. Information on a bright screen with dynamic display will surely attract attention. But even more attention is attracted by screens of non-standard shapes: radial, U-shaped, billboard screens, rotating screens. Let’s consider several examples of work in the direction of LED screens, standard and non-standard forms. Radial screens, with a sophisticated and effective design, look great, day and night. The main thing is that such an LED screen will attract attention and complement any facade.