Media facades from LED Lion Group

Advertising has become more in demand among entrepreneurs who want to get new customers and take their business to a new level. Below we detail these devices and their benefits.

An advertising media facade is a grid-shaped or rack-and-pinion LED screen that is installed on an external wall or roof of a building.

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Possibilities of advertising media facades

Media facades are used to display outdoor advertising. If people are interested in the information shown on the screen, they become clients of the advertiser.

This approach to promoting goods and services is considered much better than displaying advertising materials on outdated billboards. Ads can be targeted to target audiences in real time. An audience portrait near advertising structures is analyzed using open anonymized data in a fraction of a second. The system automatically displays a relevant video depending on the audience composition next to the media facade or super site.

Media facades are durable devices, their service life depends on the duration of work. Mostly the device works for about 100-150 thousand hours.

When choosing a media facade, it is very important to consider the minimum distance at which the content will be viewed. This parameter is called pixel pitch. For outdoor screens, the most popular pixel pitch is P10. Screens with this pixel pitch are mainly installed in stadiums, sports grounds, and concert halls. For a room, the optimal step is P2.5.

Now media facades are used all over the world:

  • As a means of outdoor electronic interactive advertising (digital outdoor);
  • As a means of design lighting of buildings and premises;
  • As a means of any other information communication (broadcast of a television signal or video);
  • As a means of interacting with different cities, points, buildings, etc .;
  • For artistic purposes;
  • As a means to decorate and diversify the appearance of the city.

Many people associate media facades, first of all, with huge screens, illuminating and animated advertisements, as well as with places such as Time Square, Las Vegas, Hong Kong. Often the architecture of the building itself remains unnoticed, while the huge screen actively broadcasts the necessary information and attracts many viewers. Media facades evoke many emotions, both positive and negative. It all depends on the ability of the building architect to properly use the possibilities of integrating the media facade with the building’s features. Now architecture strives to use media facades more and more for stylistic and design purposes. If earlier media facades were installed after the construction of the building and did not initially exist in the project, now, the media facade is part of the building design process, part of the design and construction solutions. This approach allows such systems to be placed as efficiently and beautifully as possible and makes possible a fresh look at the architecture of the city.

Advantages of media facades

The advantages of media facades are:

  • Colorfulness;
  • Interactivity;
  • Ease of installation and management;
  • High target efficiency.

Examples of LED media facades from LED Lion Group

LED media facade 44 meters long for a shopping center in the Kriviy Rig

LED медиафасад в Киеве. Компания LED Lion Group
LED медиафасад. Компания LED Lion Group
Изготовление медиафасадов в Киеве. Компания LED Lion Group