Ticker from the LED Lion Group company

The most widespread type of LED advertising is Ticker. This type of media is perfect for both outdoor and indoor use. Running ribbons are good at grabbing attention and quickly delivering simple messages to potential audiences. That being said, you can choose any line size, which makes it an ideal substitute for a regular lightbox. LED marquee is an affordable solution to grab your customer’s attention.

Купить Бегущую строку в Киеве

Ticker is an information and advertising board in the form of an oblong rectangle, consisting of colored dots (red) based on LEDs and is designed to display text lines, videos, images, text, time, date, temperature, etc. moving with various effects.

Creeping line is an innovative product in the dynamic information and advertising media market, which, thanks to its characteristics, will help you:

  • Draw attention to your business;
  • Increase the number of clients and, consequently, profit;
  • Make your business modern, fashionable and popular;
  • Confidently outperform competitors.
  • Bright and dynamic advertising of goods and services on your “creeping line” will quickly increase the flow of customers and the company’s profit.
  • LED running strips and screens are a solid investment in sustainable development.

Creeping line is a fairly popular and informative form of advertising that attracts attention with its brightness and dynamism. Used outdoors and indoors. The creeping line can be either one-color (red, blue, green, white) or full-color (RGB). The scoreboard consists of separate segments, so you can choose almost any size you need. Additionally it can be equipped with temperature and humidity sensors.

Dynamic images are in demand because they attract more attention than stationary ones, have a bright glow, and visually stand out from other signs.

Each tape is assembled according to the customer’s requirements. To order a running belt of the desired size and configuration, you need to consider the following factors:

  • size (number of modules, the most common is
  • module size 32x16cm, pixel pitch 1cm)
  • color (one-color or full-color RGB tape)
  • a way to change the information to be displayed on tape (USB, WiFi, Lan cable)
  • moisture resistance (for internal or external use)
  • dust protection (must be covered with transparent glass)


Benefits of the Ticker

Prompt provision of information. Any necessary information can be placed or changed in a very short time.

Durability. The diodes used in monochrome trailing stitches have a long service life.

The ability to select the desired size and color of the LED display.

The management software is simple and intuitive.

Having bought a running tape once, you no longer spend money, unlike print advertising.