Indoor LED screens from LED Lion Group

The most widespread type of LED advertising is indoor LED screens. This type of media is perfect for interior use. Indoor LED screens attract attention well and allow you to quickly convey simple messages to potential audiences. At the same time, you can choose any size of the LED screen for the room, which makes it an ideal substitute for a conventional lightbox. Indoor LED screens are an affordable solution to grab your customer’s attention.

First of all, the interior LED screen has a lower luminescence brightness, so as not to cause the glare effect. The high resolution makes the image clear. This option allows you to display video clips without fear for the quality and legibility of the picture, even from the smallest viewing distance. In addition, the indoor LED display is designed for indoor use and is energy efficient.

Indoor advertising screens do not require powerful brackets and metal structures with wind protection, so the price for the customer will be very attractive. Control here, as a rule, is synchronous – information in real time from an external source: computer, DVD, etc. You can also order an indoor LED screen with asynchronous control from us. In this case, you just need to load the content into the non-volatile memory of the device and configure the display parameters (on / off time, content change according to the schedule, etc.).

Indoor LED screens: areas and applications

Inside any object where dynamic or updated static presentation of information is required, our indoor LED displays will find application. They can be applied:

  • As an advertising platform in places where potential customers are concentrated: at the entrance to a store, the central hall of a shopping center (hotel), a showcase with an exit to the street.
  • In the waiting rooms of railway stations, airports and other facilities, for prompt customer information.
  • As information stands inside a store, bank, exchange office, etc.
    For the prompt provision of information in multifunctional centers, other state and municipal institutions.
  • In clubs, cafes, sports bars: you can entertain customers with video clips or display interior broadcasting of sports programs on the LED screen.
  • Conference rooms: presentations, background support.


Before buying LED screens for indoor use in LED Lion Group, the customer discusses with our manager the conditions of use, installation location and other parameters. Experienced specialists will help you choose the required configuration and optimize product costs.