Full color LED screens from LED Lion Group

The most widespread type of LED advertising is LED screens. This type of media is perfect for both outdoor and indoor use. Full color screens are good at grabbing attention and quickly delivering simple messages to potential audiences. That being said, you can choose any screen size, which makes it an ideal substitute for a regular lightbox. An LED display is an affordable solution to grab your customer’s attention.

DIP and SMD technology for outdoor advertising allows you to place the LED advertising screen on the street, they can easily withstand various weather conditions and temperature changes, and have a high level of protection against dust and moisture. The brightness of the image remains the same, both in bright sun and bad weather. It works around the clock, without interruption, and you can see the image from a long distance.

A high-quality LED screen is capable of displaying not only bright and vivid images, but also attracting a large flow of new customers. Advertising on a LED screen can be found in various places in any modern city. The LED screen is very popular in the field of outdoor advertising, but it can also be used indoors, the main thing is to choose the right LED display, its size, resolution, degree of protection and brightness.

Indoor LED screens are mainly manufactured using SMD technology and their main feature is a clear and detailed picture, which does not give “graininess” even from a short distance. Indoor LED screens are not as sealed as outdoor ones, so you should carefully study their operating conditions. In a humid and dusty environment, the life of the screen may be significantly reduced.

The brightness of LED screens for streets and premises has a significant difference; for the street, screens with a brightness of 5000 to 9000 cd / m2 are required. While indoor brightness is sufficient between 1000 and 5000 cd / m2, indoor brightness should be moderate so as not to disrupt the natural perception of the picture.

The LED screen fulfills its main task – it is to attract new buyers, customers and arouse the interest of the entire audience. Most often, they are installed in crowded places, for example, in squares, intersections, on the facades of large buildings, in shopping centers or on special structures. Any room can be decorated and revived with the help of an LED screen, the main thing is to think over the advertisement and correctly compose it from a design point of view.

On the screens, you can broadcast not only advertising information, but also other, informational and cognitive. You can broadcast any video or movie as entertainment information.

The LED Lion Group company offers a wide range of LED screens, both for outdoor and indoor use. All products are manufactured at our own factory using modern technologies and have European quality certificates.