Currency exchange board from LED Lion Group

Табло обмен валют

Any products, especially electronic ones, are constantly being updated and changed. So, today there are so-called “standard” LED boards for currency exchange, and “non-standard” LED boards. Standard currency exchange boards mean boards made of single-color modules. There are many display and configuration options for these single color displays, and each can be made unique. For all the time, our company has sold more than 10,000 of these boards. Displays with full-color modules have become very popular, which allows displaying not only courses, but also full-color videos with various relevant information, and creating an individual design for displaying information on the display.

For all types of displays, one-color and full-color, specialized software is provided, which reduces the risk of errors, and speeds up the speed of information updating. Call us, we will be happy to answer all your questions and find an up-to-date solution.

Electronic displays of exchange rates with changing values, designed to operate in bright sunlight and in adverse weather conditions. The reliability of the design is due to the use of special materials, seals and modern light sources. The LED display, due to its functional parameters, together with the information component, also performs the task of an advertising nature. Color solutions make it possible to make a double-sided board visible from a long distance, and changing data ensure timely information updates for potential customers.

Advantages of ordering an LED display of the exchange rate in our company:

  • non-standard solutions;
  • any size range;
  • acceptable price;
  • fast order execution;
  • qualified employees.

Currency exchange board. Price matters

The effectiveness of electronic displays is not in question. At a low cost, your organization will be able to inform visitors about changes in current quotes and additional information. If necessary, you can order a currency exchange board, the price of which varies depending on the size range, with additional windows that allow you to show the current currency rate even in a three-digit display.

Currency exchange rate display for indoor use (office).

Indoor displays are manufactured on LED matrices. As a standard, we make a board with a sign height of 20 mm, 38 mm, 57 mm. It is also possible to manufacture a board for a room with a symbol height of 100 mm and above (upon individual request). Indication color – red or green. It is possible to produce signs of a larger size on LEDs. Body – all-metal steel body, painted black. Inscriptions – vinyl self-adhesive films-applications. It is possible to increase the body at the request of the customer for the application of the logo.

Currency exchange rate board for outdoor use

The boards for outdoor use are made of d-5mm spot LEDs.

There are two types of LED brightness:

  • Luminous intensity 2KD – Half brightness angle of 60 degrees. Installing the scoreboard in the shade, not in direct sunlight
  • Luminous intensity 3.5KD – Half brightness angle 70-120 degrees. The operating mode is strong direct sunlight.

In this case, the brightness can be easily adjusted manually and according to a schedule, both from the control program of the scoreboard on the computer and from the control panel. As a standard, we manufacture boards with a sign height of 130 mm and 210 mm, however, it is possible to manufacture boards with a sign height of 150 mm, 270 mm and 350 mm. (cost calculation upon request). Indication color – at the discretion of the customer (red, green, blue, white, yellow). Case – aluminum profile 60mm or 90mm thick (double-sided display) in black. The inscriptions on the scoreboard are vinyl self-adhesive films-applications. It is possible to increase the body at the request of the customer for the application of the logo.